Architect In Charge: 

Burak Pekoğlu

Architectural Designer: 

Ecenur Yavuz



Steel Engineer: 

Burak Karsu 


Factory masterplan, administration building, cafeteria


Sakary 2.Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, Hendek,Sakarya / Turkey




Factory 1000m2, administration building 1950m2, cafeteria 420m2, courtyard 620m2

Isılsan Factory

ISILSAN carries on business in metal, automotive and agricultural machinery sectors. The aim is to design a factory with its headquarter building and a cafeteria. The area is a 20.000m2 trapezoid. Max 6 production halls, each with 20m wide and 96m long could fit in the area. As a masterplan strategy, first 3 halls of factory were taken to satisfy the needs of offices, changing rooms and cafeteria. However, on the ground and first floors, lighting and ventilation problems occurred where the factory’s and HQ building’s facades are adjacent. Because of that reason, the cafeteria function was separated from the other functions with a courtyard and was designed structurally as a part of the factory. 


The courtyard also prevents the conflict of people movement flow on the ground floor. It is not only a transition place but also a social place in the factory. It enhances the facade appearance and interior light quality of the administration building. Factory’s facade is translucent on the ground level which makes inside actions observable and build the relationship between workers and personnels. 


The administration building is oriented in the corner of the factory which has a great view of green and has a strong perspective from the main road. It has a core in the middle and next to it, services spaces are placed and there are main spaces on the right and left sides. 


The facade of administration building is a simple composition of anthracite color plaster, glass and metal surfaces. Secondary metal facade acts like a semipermeable surface and filtrates sun light. It sometimes expands the interior space, sometimes creates balcony or a canopy and it becomes floating, continuous and uninterrupted motion for the eye.

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