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I am Ece, an Istanbul-based architect and designer. I graduated from the IZTECH Architecture Department in 2015 and completed the Architectural Design Computing Graduate Program at ITU. 

During my graduate studies, I focused on computational thinking, knowledge-based design, design cognition, computational design methods —especially fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, and evolutionary algorithms. I wrote my thesis entitled "Understanding Shape Preferences in Architectural Design through Evolutionary Computation" under the supervision of Michael S. Bittermann. The thesis aims to devise a computational method to understand the individual’s aesthetic preference of architectural forms. This individual can be either the user or the designer himself/herself.


Istanbul Technical University

Architectural Design Computing Graduate Program

2017 - 2020

Izmir Institute of Technology

Architecture Undergraduate Program

2010 - 2015

Universita Degli Studi di Ferrara

Erasmus Program

2014 - 2015

Workshops & Activities

Non-manifold Topology

Non-manifold Topology for Architectural and Engineering Modelling

Wassim Jabi (Cardiff University), Robert Aish (UCL)
2018, Łódź, Poland


Green Transformable Buildings

International Design Studios

M.Birgül Çolakoğlu (ITU), Elma Durmisevic (University of Twente)

Hosted by University of Mostar
9 -14 of July 2018, Mostar, Bosnia

FlexiMold Workshop

Flexible Mold for Manufacturing Double-Curved Surfaces

Serdar Aşut(YU), Windfried Meijer(Tudelft)

2015, Tudelft & YU, İzmir

Söz, Göz ve Kent Workshop


2014, İzmir

Sport Methaphors, European Youth Exchange Project

2013, Lecce, Italy

Colorblind Caravan, European Youth Exchange Project

2012, Targu jiu, Romania


Photography / European Youth Exchange Project

2009, Zakopane, Poland

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