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CA Algorithm Designed a Pavilion

Using Cellular Automata to Generate Novel Cell Structures

The proposed model was developed with a game engine, called Unreal Engine 4 which has a node based programming feature in it. Unreal Engine 4 can run many different numbers of functions in real time and can support the algorithm sequences that can communicate with each other and present it to the user visually. The algorithm of the model is a set of code which lets the user define a volume, initial conditions and continuation rules. 

Project Info


Istanbul Technical University Computing in Architectural Design 

Generative Systems in Architectural Design ‘18 Spring

w. Şeref Atilla Gürbüz​


Office: BKA (Bahadır Kul Architects)

Coordinator: İbrahim Anıl Biçer​

Client:Sakarya Büyüksehir Belediyesi

Content: High school building

Location: Sakarya, Turkey

Status: Concept Project

Date: 2018

Surface area: 8000m2

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