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Sakarya High School

​The task is to design a high school complex in a site which there is already existing old school building blocks. Instead of having two separate building blocks, it is preferred  to have an L-shape structure which is determined as the most optimal scheme for the program. The short side of the L-shape serves as administrational function spaces such as offices, teachers meeting room and long side of the shape serves as educational function spaces including classes, laboratories and cafeteria etc. The L-shaped volume is alleviated by opening some space. The two cuts enable connections, one between the park and courtyard, and one between the courtyard and dorm area which is planning to be built in the future.  There are a great variety of open and semi-open spaces which give opportunity to any participatory and collaborative activity.

Project Info

Office: BKA (Bahadır Kul Architects)​

Coordinator: İbrahim Anıl Biçer​​

Client:Sakarya Büyüksehir Belediyesi​

Content: High school building​

Location: Sakarya, Turkey​

Status: Concept Project​

Date: 2018​

Surface area: 8000m2

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