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Acoustic Cloud Panel

This study presents the application of shape grammars in a real case design problem. The design problem is stated as developing computational acoustic panel solution for classroom with various acoustic problems by modifying 2D pattern, which basically utilizes shape grammars. The study demonstrates interdisciplinary environment of design education and discussions of shape grammars in acoustic panel design and making. It includes different methods to design, like intuitive tendencies, computational thinking, computational tools, and computer simulations. The rule sets of the 2D (pencil-paper-based) pattern are intuitively created by the designer with simultaneous studies of understanding shape grammars. The study consists of three stages. The first stage illustrates 2D pattern generation utilizing computational thinking via shape grammar methodology, second stage illustrates computer generation of 2D pattern with the help of computational tools, and the third stage utilization and modification of this 2D pattern into 3D acoustic panel with feedbacks of computer simulations.

Keywords: computational design, computer-generated geometrical design, shape grammar, acoustic, odeon

Project Info

Istanbul Technical University Architectural Design Computing
Theory and Application of Computational Language in Design, '18 autumn

Acoustic Panel Making Utilizing Shape Grammars

w. Cem Baccınoğlu

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