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Sanmar Headquarters

​Sanmar has been in the tug business for 40 years, producing tugboats and providing tugboat services for various countries around the world. Its current shipyard is located in the midst of the famous Tuzla shipbuilding cluster. In time, to significantly increase the size and type of vessels it can build, Sanmar has built a  new full facility shipyard 50.000m2 at Altinova.​ The site is a rectangle shape, one side of that is the main road with a wide forest and otherside is where there is the Sea. Master planning strategy creates an open corridor in the middle with a green space and big masses on the sides such as production halls, dyehouse, warehouse and HQ building.The project involves HQ building 1300m2 , security building 100m2  and the green space 1000m2 in front of a small cafeteria. The HQ building is a four storey office building, including changing rooms and showers on the ground floor, cafeteria on the first floor, offices on the second floor, management offices and meetings rooms on the third floor. The security building is a quite small building only includes two different turnstile holesThe green space is placed in the heart of the shipyard. It is designed like a social common meeting and relaxing area for workers and personnels. It is aimed to turn it into a dynamic and joyful park with designing some curvy path ways and slopes. The idea is to design an aesthetic facade to cover these two functional buildings which only have their basic reinforced concrete structures. The feature of the facade lies behind its composition of glass and brick surfaces. The choice of brick as a material not only enriches the industrial atmosphere in the shipyard but also creates a warmer atmosphere in contrast to all existing metal surfaces in the site. 

Project Info

​Office: BINAA

Architect in Charge: Burak Pekoğlu

Design Team: Ecenur Yavuz, Doruk Erdem

Client: Sanmar A.Ş.

Content: Headquaters, security, landscape

Location: Altınova,Yalova/Turkey

Status: Under construction

Date: 2016

Area: Security 100m2, Administration Building 1300m2, Landscape 1000m2

Sanmar Headquaters

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