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Hendek Urban Square

​The project is a square design in the heart of Hendek. This area, where the density of pedestrians and vehicles are quite high, is a commercial area for the district, but also the largest public gathering area in which important ceremonies are held and daily social gatherings are taken place.


1. Phase of the Project: 9.300m2

Underground:Car parking with 527 cars, Wet spaces, Technical spaces, Storages

Ground: Square - Ceremony area, Stepped seatings, Cafe, Vertical circulations, Playgrounds

2. Phase of the Project: 17.300m2

Ground: Shops facing to square, Shops facing to main street,Green activity areas

Project Info


Office: BKA (Bahadır Kul Architects)

Coordinator: İbrahim Anıl Biçer

Design Team: Ecenur Yavuz, Safa Bayam

Client: Sakarya Büyükşehir Belediyesi 

Content: Urban square and underground car parking

Location: Hendek, Sakarya, Turkey

Status: Concept Project

Date: 2018

Surface area: 26.600m2 

Construction area:57.200m2

Office: BKA (Bahadır Kul Architects)

Coordinator: İbrahim Anıl Biçer​

Client:Sakarya Büyüksehir Belediyesi

Content: High school building

Location: Sakarya, Turkey

Status: Concept Project

Date: 2018

Surface area: 8000m2

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