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CoDiversistence derives its name from the co-existence of the diversities. The proposed wall is designed with the idea that living/non-living structures exist in nature in perfect harmony. This setup is a pleasant reflection of our daily life of geometries, of which we can find many more examples in nature. It is designed by taking inspiration from the proposed 1.caro sea shell, 2.caro lotus leaf, 3.caro palm leaf, and 4.caro bamboo wood. There are 3mm deep reliefs on each tile and two contrasting colors, golden tones, and matte warm gray tones, are proposed to increase the sense of depth between the grooves and the normal surface. The designed 4 tiles can create many different arrangements. Besides, it can gain other meanings by harmonizing with a new element added or removed from the arrangement.

Project Info

6. Zeki Yurtbay Seramik Tasarım Yarışması 


Theme: Doğanın Ritmine Kulak Ver Temalı

Seramik Karo Tasarım Yarışması

w.Sezgi Yalçınkaya

Award:Third prize

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