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IIFF Ziraat Bank's Auditorium & Conference Center

Dijital manufacturing model of the Istanbul International Finance Center Ziraat Bank's Auditorium & Conference Center designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF)

The surface is divided with 52 curves vertically and each vertical piece of surface has an axis number such as axis number 4. Then the surface is divided with pre-defined 30 curves vertically and each vertical axis is also divided with those curves. Thus, unit stone surfaces forming the whole surface are obtained.

The shell is symmetrical (LEFT - RIGHT). Its surface was shaped with 52 different vertical curves to cover the primary steel structure. The surface is parametrically defined in Grasshopper.

The surface is planned to be constructed in modules of an average of 10 square meters. It consists of 232 modules in total, 116 in half and 116 in other half. According to the location of the modules in the shell, some of them are planned to be applied with a pin system and the other part with an undercut system. Especially in the ceiling parts of the shell, that is, in the parts where it is not possible for more than one person to work in the air at the same time, the undercut system was preferred. The secondary steel structure carrying the stones is also produced as modules.

Module 27 is shown in detail as an example. Each module consists of a different number of stones. Each steel module is installed in the right place with corner point coordinates and clamp joint coordinates. 

Each unit stone has a labelling that indicates three things; shell side, the vertical axis and horizontal order. For example, 34L-28 represents the stone which is on the LEFT side of the shell, thirty-fourth vertical axis and twenty-eighth unit.