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Meeting Station

The Meeting Station aims to turn the empty space in the intersection area of the Yoğun Burç, Alaca Vault and the historical castle exterior wall into a dynamic urban meeting point for people of all ages. In the project area, which is approximately 130 meters long, a platform is formed with a walkable upper elevation and the components hosting various activities. These components are open sitting, performance&stage, information&printed document distribution unit, working and reading unit with wifi, a game plane and a viewing tower.

The activities are located on the surfaces separated from the pedestrian circulation at some height; Sometimes it takes place at the upper level of the platform to enrich dynamism in the use of pedestrians. The platform is planned to be produced as a light steel structure. In this way, it is ensured that the silhouette does not preclude the historical castle wall and  additional new load that could pose a danger to the existing underground parking lot is avoided.

The observation tower elevates the inhabitants from the ground level, creating the experience of seeing the Alaca Vault, Yoğun Burç, the historical castle wall and the urban texture behind the wall. The cylinder carrier module, which carries the viewing tower and vertical circulation, is also designed as an urban furniture. This urban furniture consists of a guide board, seating element and recyclable waste bins. Cylinder pots that preserve local steppe plants are preferred as landscape elements in the project.

Closed volume units such as working unit and info unit can be used as open, half-open or closed depending on changing weather/hour conditions. In the future, new units can be added according to the changing need over time, and larger volumes can be obtained by combining several units.

Project Info

Issuing Authority: Melikgazi Municipality
Kayseri Melikgazi Buluşma Noktası Ulusal Fikir Yarışması

(Melikgazi Municipality Meeting Point National Competition)

w. Rana Zehra İmam

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